As creative artists we have a wonderful capability to express our passion and love through our music.


This goes even further in that we are able to communicate and share this passion directly with our audience and performing colleagues.

We are inviting our listeners to experience with us instant moments of beauty, joy, peace and being deeply touched by a range of emotions through our sounds.


These precious moments of complete presence, effortless instrumental mastery and creating inexplicable magic are what most of us musicians live for!






Every time we get on stage we aspire to deliver a flawless and inspiring performance.


Sometimes the stakes are high and expectations way up: an audition for a job, a competition, a concert with "important" people attending, an exposed solo during an ensemble performance, a large hall, live recording etc. etc.


These expectations can put a lot of pressure on us. Pressure can cause stress.

Stress causes fear. Fear of not being able to deliver the task. Fear of being a failure.


The effects of stress vary largely in degree for each individual musician.


Some musicians experience just a slight inhibition in their freedom of physical movement or musical expression, others are effected more severely in their performance.


Despite thorough instrumental and musical preparation, as we step on stage many of us are faced being taken over by anxiety, physical tightness or trembling, racing thoughts, crippling doubts, memory slips, stumbling in passages or just feeling somehow removed, distracted or simply like a shadow of yourself, and so on...


Often, as a result, we are feeling cut off from ourselves and our surroundings. 

This can create a very unpleasant sense of isolation, embarrassment, shame...


It can be so frustrating to see many years of hard work for your love and passion being crushed by our inner blocks towards liberated music playing!


Wouldn't it be amazing to overcome these barriers, to manifest in your perfomances the fruit of your hard work, love and passion?






In addition to being properly trained on our instrument and wholly prepared for the performance repertoire both technically and musically, other important factors have to be in place in order to perform at full capacity:

  •  Inner aspects of being: physical, mental and emotional need to be in alignment
  • Being completely present in the moment in mind and spirit


When any of these "inner" aspects are not in synchronicity or blocking we encounter problems in our musical execution.


This is exactly where our work comes in.


Since many years it is a wellknow and proven fact in the sport athlete's world that mental and psychological preparation, in paralell to sports discipline training, has become an indispensable element in order to perform at peak level in high pressure situations.


Musicians and stage performers need to deliver their art under very similar conditions.

Yet, only very hesitantly, sometimes even outright opposed, music teachers and professional musicians recognize the great benefit of preparing mentally and psychologically apart from the instrumental and musical training.


Through personal coaching and/or counselling with an expert, both in the field of professional music performance as well as thorough therapeutic training and experience working with people, it gives me profound joy to assist musicians unfold their full performance capacity!