Heide Sibley


A passionate coach and holistic counsellor, Heide Sibley is helping musicians to manifest focus, confidence and liberated authentic expression in their performances on stage.


Her qualifications include:


Trainings in Somatic Movement and Embodiment, Breath Work, Hypnosis, Centering, Sport Mental Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Yoga and various Meditation Techniques.


Over 30 years career as a professional violinist.


As a coach/counsellor Heide has a compelling ability to inspire & motivate, to pin-point & release inner blocks bringing into synchronicity the integral parts of a person.


With her rich life experience and keen understanding of the unique challenges in the professional music world, Heide Sibley is being sought out internationally by many musicians as a coach and counsellor.


Always curious and in wonder of the beauty of life, Heide loves meeting and sharing with people & friends, exploring the outer & inner worlds and is completely hooked on skiing & scuba diving.


Heide speaks fluently english, german and french.