Performance Strategies and Integral Coaching for Musicians®



Is this you?

  • You are a professional musician, singer or music student
  • Music is your passion and your whole being seems to be resonating in this
  • Every time you play or perform you strive to give your very best

Have you ever experienced this before going on stage or during your music performance?

  • anxiety or physical tightness
  • racing thoughts or crippling doubts
  • memory slips or stumbling in passages that worked fine before
  • shaky bow, trembling limbs or strong perspiration
  • breathing problems
  • unfocused, distracted, feeling like a shadow of your true self
  • etc....

Wouldn't it be amazing to overcome these barriers, to manifest in your performances the fruit of your hard labor, love and passion?


Imagine liberating and bringing to resonance your true musical potential and getting in touch with the magic of "flow"!

In order to perform at full capacity as musicians we need to bring into alignment the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our inner being IN ADDITION to being thoroughly prepared instrumentally.


When any of these "inner" aspects are not in synchronicity or blocking we encounter problems in our musical execution, a cause of great frustration.

What is it all about?

• Centering & confidence boosting
• Training rock-solid concentration & laser focus

• Igniting motivation & inspiration
• Accessing & transmitting inner passion through your music
• Preparation for auditions, performances & competitions
• Overcoming performance anxiety, stage fright & all what seems to be holding you back
• Career planning
• Integral Coaching

"...the coaching we had was a breakthrough - I don't even know how to describe how I felt but that it was a life-changing experience! I'm looking forward to more sessions!"

L.A., violin


"I went into my audition, felt great, nailed it and got the job! Couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks a million!!"

R.H., french horn


"This was the first time ever that I actually was really comfortable performing on stage. No more shaky bow!"   

H.- P. N., cello


"Being able to just focus on my musical expression feels so liberating!"

C.B., mezzo-soprano




coaching musicians all over the world via webcam
coaching musicians all over the world via webcam

Coaching sessions are held at my consultation offices in:


Paris, France  &  Cologne, Germany
via webcam (Skype or Google video chat)

Languages: English, German and French

Please contact me to make an appointment for a free initial 20 minute assessment interview via telephone or skype.


Student rates apply.